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Official Functional Fitness – Part 2 – Build Endurance

Why do I need endurance as an official? To answer the question regarding whether you need endurance as an official, ask yourself a few questions. Are you struggling late game... Continue Reading

Official Functional Fitness – Part 1 – Benefits

As an official, do you need to be fit? In a short answer, ABSOLUTELY. A healthy official is a better official. There are multiple benefits for sports officials who are... Continue Reading

Flower Power

Flowers are not only pretty colors in nature that you get to experience. There are many people that love flowers because they are edible. Not every flower can be eaten... Continue Reading

Dumbbells – Home Gym for Beginners – Part 4

Dumbbells are a centerpiece in your home gym When you think of the gym, you likely picture a rack full of dumbbells, various types of bars, weight plates, and a... Continue Reading

Pull Up Bar – Home Gym for Beginners – Part 3

Grab a Pull Up Bar – enhance your resistance workouts One of the most important items you can add to your arsenal for upper body workouts is a Pull up... Continue Reading

Sandbag Training – Home Gym for Beginners – Part 2

Why add a Sandbag to your home gym? Let’s talk about sandbag training. Want an interesting and effective resistance tool? You may want to add some sandbags to your home... Continue Reading

Exercise Mats – Home Gym for Beginners – Part 1

What exercise mats do you need for a home program? For those of you looking to move your workouts to home, you will undoubetly wonder what specific equipment you need... Continue Reading

Hot Summer Workouts

With the warmer temperatures in the summer, many people like to take their fitness routines outside.  But summer also means heat, and there are some tips that you can use... Continue Reading

You Can’t Do That – How to Get Past Your Past Part 3

Is “Can’t” in your vocabulary Believe me – I have heard the word “Can’t” quite frequently. I tell my kids they can’t touch the stove when it’s on. I tell... Continue Reading