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Welcome to STEMFitness!

My name is Jeff Copperthite. I am the owner of STEMFitness, which is a virtual fitness coaching company. I struggled for many years with my own personal nutrition and fitness, struggling with low muscle, low strength, high cholesterol, and high triglycerides. But starting in 2016, I figured out a way to fix all those things.

Now I work to bring you health and support using these same programs and nutrition products to people like you! I love bringing positive energy to my regular occupation as a teacher as well, and that same positive motivation I provide my students is what I also provide my fitness clients!

I’m a normal busy guy who figured out a way to make it work. And what works for me can work for you! Check out My Story for more information!

My September Group Offerings are now available! Click to learn more!



"Making excuses to not take care of yourself is the worst thing you can do for yourself. Think of how you will feel in the future - make your future self thank you for what you decide today."

-- Jeffrey Copperthite